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? >> not much. >> 45% say maryland is moving in the right direction. 61% say there is no change in their financial situation. 32% say they are financially worse off today than they were a year ago. that third is a major factor in explaining why the race is so close. of delegates 44.7% of the vote, are like a 42.3%. in a state where democrats outnumber republicans to 200 >> polls suggest your message may not be an resonating with voters. >> the campaign has just begun. from the first days of this administration, we have focused on jobs, creating jobs, saving jobs. maryland has held onto private job base better than all and for other states in the country. >> 230,000 jobs have been lost since he took office and 3000 businesses have closed. in june, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.1% and the state has seen job growth for four straight months. but the public is not convinced that the economy is turning around. the poll finds 30% of democrats to not believe the economy will improve next year. 19% say they will vote for ehrlich. if the condemned the number to 25%, he will win. >> p
in maryland do to the extreme heat of last week's heat wave, there is an update. >> earlier at a news conference to remind the public of the dangers when it comes to a heat wave, the mayor actually honored several paramedics she feels may have kept the death toll from rising. it was just last week when more than 150 residents of the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation facility had to be moved after living without air conditioning for more than a week during one of the hottest weeks baltimore has seen in quite awhile. someone called 911 at the facility to report the conditions and when paramedics arrived monday alerted city officials to the problem, most likely saving lives in the process. >> it was much too hot in the nursing home. the city was able to take emergency action to take care of 150 seniors who had been living without air conditioning for several days. >> the four umasems workers who first arrived were honored. >> [unintelligible] >> also wednesday in a joint effort between baltimore city and the state health department, officials urged allmir lenders -- all marylanders to
. >> this petition was signed by 55 maryland farmers and others in the agriculture business. it urges gov. ramat -- gov. o'malley to urge poultry producers to pay their fair share in cleaning up the bay. in parts of rural maryland, a huge chicken house. all of those chickens produce huge waste. >> the nitrogen that is going into the chesapeake bay is less oil spill, but just as deadly. >> environment maryland it held a press conference today, urging gov. martin o'malley to make chicken operations accountable. >> to be accountable in providing the documentation for how to do it and the consulting research for how to do it. and i can see them incentivizing there were words that if they do it, they get a premium on their chins. -- chickens. the >> there are many farmers like those who provide food here who do a lot of the living things -- a lot of the right things and they are proof that it can be environmentally safe. >> this afternoon the spokesman said, of an " perdue is addressing the challenges facing the bay. we partnered with the epa to work with the farm families to grow our chickens to hel
. the maryland-academy is the first online calendar and registration system for free or low-cost financial education classes. the goal is to increase financial i.q. for marylanders. >> i got a feeling that this maryland cash campaign will get a lot of support and be viewed as a model for the nation. >> the program was kicked out this morning at security square mall. to take part or learn more, blog on to our website, wbaltv.com. what is left of tropical depression bonnie is taking aim at the gulf coast, but it has weakened so much that crews are already heading back to the site of the leaking well. kristen has the latest from new orleans. >> instead of being, what used to be bonnie is bringing only minor wince to the coastline and minimal waves out at the well site. near the well head -- ships that had been evacuated one day before headed back into place, ready to finally start the last stages of a permanent kill. some of the robotic cameras had not even left left, giving officials another day of reassurance that the cap really is holding. >> we have better integrity at the well that we ma
has maryland's ties. >> one of the four men being sent back to the u.s. from russia owns a house in baltimore county. david collins is live with more in cockeysville with this late breaking development. >> his house is secluded behind a patch of woods. you really need to know where to look in order to find it. this is the home he reportedly bought in 2001. he is a former colonel in russia's foreign intelligence agency. he retired in 1997 and moved to the u.s. russian authorities suspected he shared classified information with u.s. intelligence services. he was arrested on his return to russia in 2001. according to a neighbor, his late wife's parents live there and he also had relatives in russia. russian media linked him to exposing former fbi agent robert hansen and another man as spies. both were convicted of spying for russia. >> the wife lived here when we moved in, and she was a wonderful neighbor. >> his family declined to answer the door. they called baltimore county police to ask us to leave. we'll have more on the story coming up tonight at 11. >> now we have an update o
he is charged with child pornography. curiosity is what a maryland state trooper claims led to his online activity. 47-year-old bruce allen tucker is charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. >> he had to know it was illegal. >> baltimore county police began their investigation months ago. in june, they went to his house. the front door to the trooper's, still bears the marks where county police force it open. with the search warrant, they found more than 3000 images on his laptop. the pictures show children ages 2-14 performing various sex acts, tied up, or partially nude. in many of the photos, adults are involved in sexual activity with girls and boys. >> there is no indication at this time that he was involved in the taking of pictures or that he was depicted in in any of the images with these children. >> no one responded when we tried to contact tucker at his home. he was listed friday. according to court documents, he told investigators that in 2005 his wife cheating on him and left him. he became very depressed, felt worthless, and became angry. he bega
said everything she did was planned, from brean you're gone to maryland, to carrying ammunition, -- from bringing her gone to maryland, to carry ammunition and then storing the rental car down the road from the house. the defense argued that his client should not be held responsible. he said she was delusional at the time of the shooting and had been isolated from her family in june of 2007 when after a mental evaluation she was no longer welcome in the home. >> things began to get darker and deeper for mary and just like an earthquake that we cannot predict, we cannot predict what happened to her on the morning of june 19. >> prosecutors say four years, mary denied her mental illness, but is now embracing it. they urged the jury to find her guilty of murder and frieder criminally responsible. the defense told the jury that the difference is between whether mary goes to jail or goes to jail and get treatment. >> i think their fear is that if they find someone not guilty because they're not criminally responsible that they're going to think perhaps she will go home. and that is n
their focus on aggressive driving and how it endangers the lives of pedestrians in maryland cities. we're live in the newsroom with details. >> is part of a law enforcement of safety campaign in an effort to battle what police say is the number one danger facing motorists and pedestrians. speeding. the intersection is one of the corners where far too many pedestrians are injured by aggressive drivers. >> many of the fatalities don't occur on the major highways or interstates, but right here in baltimore. >> they showed up to highlight the dangers of aggressive driving. >> at the as a demonstration car traveling at 25, 35, and 40 miles an hour to show what it takes to break the vehicle. in this case, a 10-year-old wire frame dummy. >> maintaining speed, credit- card, he comes to the stop line. -- braking hard, he comes to the stop line. >> the cars don't a slowdown, -- don't slow down. >> we have tried to help them out by putting up pedestrianized to tell them when to walk and when not to walk. this likely ask motorists to obey the laws, we ask pedestrians and bicyclists. >> when you get ready
organizations were not invited to tagalong. she proclaimed that she will put maryland first. >> the problems facing maryland today can be fixed with new ideas and proven leadership, not name calling, cynicism, or fear. >> she serves as a director of special projects. he picked her because he trusts her. >> she has been a member of my cabinet, prosecutor, business advocate, she says that she has great leadership skills. she is somebody i trust. >> some question her conservative credentials. >> they want to see what you'll do in the future, not if you pass a litmus test on a particular issue. >> some within the gop expressed concern about her husband's business practices. he is being sued in federal court for double billing labor on the contract that he claims are administrative errors. she has never held elected office. she lost a primary race in 2000 and a bid for delegate's seat in annapolis. being from montgomery county is a universally viewed as a plus. >> the most voters, the most independents, the most republicans, and montgomery county will be essential in this election. >> she provide
area of maryland. >> let's check in with a sandwich shop. >> cecil county is under that severe thunderstorm watch. take a look at all of that activity to our north. there are several warnings around eastern pennsylvania and new jersey. there is a strong line of storms. we are wedged in between it right now, though. we are dealing with extremely high humidity. there is instability in the atmosphere. we could see a couple of these things pop up and really explode. we will keep you posted. it is quite right now and it is still very hot. >> let's hope it stays that way. you can track the storm's wbaltv.com. we would love it if you would share your storm pictures. >> state officials slapped a huge fine on the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation center. we broke the story of the air conditioning problems that forced all of the residence to be relocated to other facilities. it david collins is following these developments. >> state officials consider the find substantial and the deficiencies associated with it significant. at the order is confirmed that one male resident suffered hea
. maryland gov. martin o'malley said that he personally did not notice it. at the it operations center briefed him on the impact. >> we are sending inspectors out to inspect bridges and the most heavily traveled areas. >> the earthquake lasted about 90 seconds, but people may have only felt about 15 seconds of it. >> it came in when it like a thief in the night. >> 12 minutes after the quake, another of them came up and then another one after that. >> we have posted an interactive guide to earthquakes. you can find that on wbaltv.com. it is on the top of the home page. in other news, baltimore police have arrested two people from last night's murder. we brought that as breaking news at 11:00 p.m.. an unidentified man was found on a songbird circle. one of the victims neighbors have been arrested. the victim was beaten to death with a lead pipe. we will have much more tonight at 11:00 p.m.. two baltimore county police officers are recovering at shock trauma after their cruisers collided this morning. it happened at about 9:00 a.m. this morning near fulton avenue. the officers were both
the final decision? according to the maryland high court, the voters do. they are being asked to repeal the zoning amendment that prevents slots from being in a mall. >> the specific language that all applicable zoning laws would be applied to any facility mean what they say. >> attorneys for a citizens group opposed the slots at the mall. they say this is a critical check and balance. citizens have the right to challenge decisions by their local government and reverse them through a referendum. >> i know what is right, and a casino does not belong in a family-friendly small. the people -- family-friendly mall. the people have a right to appeal, and that is what we did. >> they successfully made the case in circuit court that is adding measure is tied to an appropriations package that was connected to a bill legalizing slots. earlier in the day, this man detailed what this means. >> $500 million per year to start. >> court testimony indicates that 55% of the voters cast a ballot in favor of slots in 1997. >> a lot of people could not care less if there were slots, but they assume that i
, middle-class priorities include everything from making sure the stakes remain in maryland to foreclosure efforts. middle-class priorities also involve public safety measures like cleaning up the environment. >> [inaudible] >> this is true. the university system still has furlough days and some of its reserve funds were siphoned to help balance the state budget. tuition and fees for full-time community college students went up 8% during his first three years in office. >> this is true, but funding levels were dictated by state law. federal funds are supporting a total of $719 million in education aid. >> tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. >> this is true. the governor pushed through a $5,000 state income tax credit for employers to hire qualified employees of the unemployment line. but according to the permanent business and economic development, only 145 people have been hired so far. >> while other states are that -- while other states are struggling, he is making the tough choices to move at maryland forward. >> he and other governors pressed for washington to step up wit
that for now, the immediate area is not picking up much rain, but western maryland has had heavy showers already. those showers are gradually moving in our direction. as you mentioned, we needed it. we're going to get some more tonight. we will have your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> this has all left a good bit of damage in our area. at the height of the storm, about 27,000 customers were without power in the baltimore area. the storm also brought down several trees in west baltimore. some of them landed on cars. >> our phone lines were down. he thought it was a small tornado. it was amazing to see my neighbor's tree down. >> a massive tree fell in the front yard of this church. neighbors say that tree was over 200 years old. you can track storms right down to your own at st. using our interactive radar at wbaltv.com. >> two more deaths have been linked to the heat in our area, bringing the total to 12. state health officials have not released information on the victims, but do say they were both found inside homes without air conditioning. >> a baltimore man wa
cloudy skies with highs around 81 to 86. temperatures in the water are in the low 80s in western maryland and a chance of a shower. it is a nice day around the bay. it will be partly cloudy and 84. tomorrow, we will feature some sunshine. some storms will move in on sunday and monday. it is a beautiful looking saturday with comfortable temperatures and august begins on sunday with a shower or thunderstorm and it will gradually heat up and be in the '90s by tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> coming to you live, the ravens training camp does not have good news. dominique fox for his spacey l -- his acl. he is out for the year. ray lewis is back once again. it is good to see rates take the field. despite what ever else happens, it gives everyone halt on the field. no. 55 is reporting in shape. now, back to ray lewis. i was wondering about him when he took the field during what is going through his mind? does he get sentimental thinking about what it is like to be so great for so long? >> if you are thinking about that, then you missed the love for the
in the race for governor of maryland. republican bob ehrlich has yet to make any immediate moves. so far, polls put the race at a dead heat. david collins joins us live with the latest. >> the state of the economy is impacting the governor's race, both candidates acknowledge that. according to one political analyst, and a democrat, he says ehrlich is targeting rich audiences. o'malley is taking a more traditional approach and neither is gaining momentum. >> a son of the times, the political climate is ugly. this bob ehrlich billboard has been vandalized as well. gov. o'malley sees the connection between economy and inks. >> we have always said that it would be a tough campaign because these past three years have been tough on all of us. every mom and dad, every family have had high levels of anxiety and fears about their own jobs and homes. >> it is effective because he is good at it. he has a personal appearance that works well in small groups. larger audiences, we have set piece peace -- speeches. in a way, it allows him to choose his voters at the same time as the voters are choosing
related deaths in maryland so far this year. >> we have continuing coverage of the heat wave on our website. you can use our interactive radar to track whether down to your street and get a list of local cooling centers, the hours and locations of them, and we want to know how you are keeping cool in the heat. send us your summer photos. the transfer of 150 residents of the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation center is now in its second day. the state ordered it done after the facilities air-conditioning system fail. david collins joins us live with an update. >> according to state officials, ravenwood has a clean record, but according to a former resident, it also has a history of air-conditioning and heating problems. a medical emergency interrupted the transfer of 150 residents. state health officials say it was not heat related, that an elderly patient had a seizure. the state or the relocation of residence after the killings air-conditioning system broke down. authorities have determined the malfunction occurred sunday, and not friday as residents claimed. >> this is a unique
in behind that front. scattered thunderstorms south of baltimore. throughout southern maryland to mar night and off the coast, allowing the high pressure to come back in. friday looks nice with lower humidity and lots of sunshine. friday would be a good one to stretch your weekend an extra day. decent weather in the first part of the weekend. tomorrow, between 90-95. a chance for a thunderstorms, shifting the winds to the northwest. if you're going to be on the day, most of the day will be pleasant but keep an eye for the wind shift. a 60% chance of a storm near deep creek with highs in the '70s. mid-90s around the bay. he met with late afternoon thunderstorms. a chance for storms near the coast. 88 on the beach at ocean city. 94 and more comfortable on friday with lower humidity. 86 degrees. a 20% chance of a storm on saturday but looks like the best day of the weekend because those chances go up to 50% on sunday and a chance for isolated storms on monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> of the reagans veterans have begun to arrive. no public tomorrow, its practice. terrance kelly took a big ste
in the day developing story. maryland state police are on the manhunt for suspect that they say let a traffic stop in annapolis. he was pulled over a long easter group 50. he hopped out of the car and ran into a wooded areas south of south haven road. the billy the unidentified man maybe our. if a police helicopter and dogs were seen as searching the neighborhood. officials have not provided a description of the suspect. tonight, three men are recovering after two separate shootings in west baltimore. that happened around 2:00 a.m. there were stopped at franklin avenue in -- franklin street and pennsylvania avenue. one man is in critical condition and the other is expected to survive. the second she was around 11:30 a.m. on shields place -- the second shooting was around 11:30 a.m. he was shot several times. if you have intermission, you are asked to call the baltimore city police. -- if you had any information, you are asked to call. bp reports progress on putting a larger cap. if this works, it could mean significant improvements on containing the oil spewing from the damage to break. lee a
of days. officials say there have been six heat-related deaths so far this year in maryland. this number could increase following the heat wave. the very young, elderly, and those with chronic health conditions are more susceptible. the secretary of the department of health and mental hygiene says everyone should take precautions. >> it can affect anyone. do not take this lightly. this is just as serious for your health as heavy s-n-o-w. -- heavy snow. people can die from this. it is good to protect yourself. >> please check on friends and family. try to remain indoors. take advantage of local cooling centers. >> right now, how hot is it? look at the current temperature at the airport. it was -- it is three minutes after 6:00, and we are at 96 degrees with humidity down to 22%. that is about as comfortable as it could get. the humidity will be higher tomorrow and it will not be as comfortable. the west wind at 9 miles per hour. we did not break the record today. tomorrow, the record is 102. the records are all in the low 100's to low-90's. it is possible we could break a record. we will
sell it anywhere in maryland. >> authorities say that is a lot of work and risk to take for $7. police are investigating this as larceny. it is costing taxpayers 80 new -- $1,800 to replace them. >> there are more signs the recovery may be weakening. ben bernanke was on capitol hill for a second day to give his assessment of the economy. the coal killian has details. >> -- nichole killian has details. >> right now in these difficult economic times, families across this country are cutting every frill and stretching every dollar as far as they can. cracks from the president to the chair of the federal reserve, the reality check on the u.s. economy. a house prep -- panel pressed for answers on capitol hill. >> where is that urgency to get jobs for the american people? but chairman bernanke says government stimulus is still needed to bolster the recovery and bring down unemployment. >> we are ready. we will act if the economy does not continue to improve. >> some lawmakers blame the administration for falling short. >> this administration and the majority of congress have told the america
maryland, go to our web site at wbaltv.com. >>> now your forecast with sandra shaw. >> the good news is there is no threat for showers, but if you really like today, by the fourth it will be down right high, but it was gorgeous today. temperatures were in the low 80's. only upper 70's around westminster. if you are waiting in traffic to get across the bay bridge, at least it is comfortable. clear skies and 58 in the outlying areas. light winds out of the west. we still have a couple of hours until the sun sets, so a nice beautiful day with comfortable temperatures. we will be warmer statewide. it looks like 77 degrees and nice. here in baltimore it will be 88 degrees. that is actually 86 degrees. over on the eastern shore it looks like 84 inland and 80 degrees at the beach. make sure you laugh are up because they uv index will be high. no problems on the waters at chesapeake. we will turn the waves up to 1 foot, so a great day. we can thank this canadian high pressure for giving us this sunny spell. we could use some rain. we will have a client whether weekend, though it will be hot.
to get maryland businesses going. that is what the campaign is about. >> the governor admits his campaign made a tactical error by playing a political ad during the gulf clean-up of oil. as far as the bridge is concerned, the campaign says the governor is committed to moving forward once the economy improves. >> we have posted a voter guides on our website. you can find information for the top statewide races by clicking on commitment 2010 at wbaltv.com. >> it is not unusual for a college freshman to take remediation courses. at compton state, the goal is not only to increase knowledge but to help them graduate. o educationur reporter is live with -- our education reporter is live with that story. >> 19% of freshmen who show up for college graduates for years later. the school is promoting its summer bridge program. they are determined to increase the number of students to earn diplomas. close to 200 freshmen are spending their summer preparing for the fall. it is the summer academic success academy. it translates into a head start. >> i have been out of high school for a couple of years.
... to move maryland forward.
in western maryland. here is the storm track. cooler air behind this. here is the front helping to generate the storm activity. much more comfortable air because the temperatures will move down a bit. these readings are in the 70's. that is not relatively cool, but compared to 100 is great. and the thunderstorm activity in the area will be gone mostly by money -- mostly by midnight. a 60-75 for the overnight range. tomorrow, much more difficult temperatures. upper 80's to around 90 is normal. we will see a lot of sunshine. the futurecast, there goes the rain. if you watched the time line on the futurecast, everything is clear. tuesday there'll be some rain in the mountains and to the southwest, but it looks like it's days away even into wednesday. by midweek we do get a chance for rain. 89-92 with temperatures climbing a little bit. the humidity will not be out of control. temperatures will drop back into the 80's. next week will be much more comfortable. >> that is good. >> good to see a. >> next week, training camp for the ravens start next week. the ravens top pick it remains in a texas
.n. has declared today international nelson mandela today. coming up, maryland has set new records from snowfall to extreme temperatures. it turns out we are not alone. plus, thousands to cover the big apple today to compete in the annual triathlon. and look at the event when we come back. >> no records, but a hot one today. some ran out to the west. we will see if that plays into we will see if that plays into our insta- >> more than 3000 people from nearly two dozen countries took place in the 10th annual new york city triathlon. the festivities began with a swim in the hudson and ended but competitors crossing the finish line in central park. the men's winner was from the czech republic. and the woman was it from new york city. things started heating up in june. in fact, the entire globe said a record for the restaurant in history -- the entire globe set a record. that is a report from noaa. the previous warmest was set in 2005. >> now your 11 insta-weather forecast with your meteorologist, john collins. >> locally, we are on the road for another hot july. ranid? we got some. last we
. >> the number of brushfires this year so far cannot be obtained. according to the maryland forest service, it destroys as much as 6,000 acres every year during dry spells especially in the fall. reporting live, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> to have continuing coverage on our website. there you can use the interactive radar to track whether down to your street. get a list of local cooling centers, hours, and the locations. we want to know how you are keeping cool. send us your summer photos by clicking on "u-local." >> this fire happened just after 12:00 p.m. today on a southern cross drive. authorities believe the fire may have started in a closet. it took 30 minutes to bring it under control. nearly one half-dozen people were displaced. >> trouble this afternoon for train commuters. a train heading to washington stalled between boston and new york. there are conflicting reports. some passengers tweeted conditions were miserable and others say the train it did have air-conditioning and police were on board passing on water. baltimore city police investigate 10 shootings since saturda
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